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  1. Figure out if you want to start the club with someone or individually start it

  2. See if there are other people who would like to join this club

  3. Figure out a time that your club would meet (this may change in the future)

Write down or discuss a list of goals you want to achieve in your first meeting and the long term goals you want to achieve. Some examples are…

First meeting goals

  • Deciding if the times you decided to meet are good for everyone

  • Talk about ideas on how to market this group, to get more people to join

  • To ask kids who came what they want out of this club, there hopes/ goals for this club


Long term goals

  • If you want to change any policies that the school has towards kids with divorced parents

  • Making this a welcoming environment for kids

5. Talk to your advisory or a teacher in your community that you trust and ask them how you start a club at your school

6. Fill out any necessary forms that need to be filled out to start a club

7. If your school requires an adult to be linked to a club find an adult (preferably the guidance counselor, or an adult that students feel comfortable talking to)

8. Once your club is approved, send out emails to the teachers saying you are starting this club and if you know of any kids who have divorced parents to privately tell those kids about this club before your first meeting.

9. Then have your first meeting!!

  • In this meeting share your long and short term goals, and discuss them

  • Talk about why you started this club

  • Then open up the group discussion, to talk about everyone's story

  • Then ask all the kids to write down their phone number and name (if everyone feels comfortable to be put in a group chat)

10. After the meeting, find a platform that everyone can equally communicate on and create a group chat with all of the kids and thank them for coming to your first meeting!! 😁

Guest speakers, the kinds of guest speakers that be amazing to come in

Who the guest speaker is

Why they would be an amazing guest speaker


Evelyn Hugo

I know this is a fictional character from the book The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. However, she is a woman who did get divorced seven times and I think that would be amazing for her to come in.


Tamara D. Afifi 

She is the professor in the first video suggested, and she is a professor in the department of communication at the University of California. Therefor to have her come in after watching the video would be amazing.


  • The dream guest speakers

  • Have fun with this

  • Not just the types of people, it can be anyone

  • Ex: someones who parents are divorced and are divorced

  • Create my little dream list of celebrity guest speaker

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